About us


“It’s much more than being prepared every day, it’s about being proud of who you are, what you carry, and how you operate in your daily life. We are relentlessly patriotic and driven towards perfection. We don’t apologize for our love of country. We are creating our own piece of history every day” Mark Carey, Spartan Blades Co-Owner

Behind the Brand

As an outdoor cutlery brand, Spartan Blades aims to reinvigorate the sense of pride that comes from owning and carrying a well-designed, finely crafted knife. We hope to inspire unity and self-reliance among our fellow American patriots and like-minded people around the world with our brand. We create “Knives with Intent”; purposely designed for the task and environment. We strive to make all of our knives the trustworthy partner you deserve; to boldly face life’s adventures. You and your Spartan Blade will face life head-on and win! Our knives are crafted to last; to be an heirloom to hand down along with your story to the next generation.

Meet The Spartan Blades Team


"PLUG" Chunchon (Craftsman), Jake Nelson (Craftsman),Kim Harper (Customer Service), Curtis V. Iovito (President/Co-Founder), Mark Carey (President/Co-Founder), Craig Forster (Craftsman), Kevin Williams (Craftsman), Jake Blanton (Craftsman) 


 A Brief History of Spartan Blades

Spartan Blades has been blessed by sustained growth and numerous awards for our designs and knives. Although we came from a humble beginning, we continue to make finely crafted knives in a small shop (Our current shop is much bigger than the original "mule barn" location). We are head quartered just outside of Fort Bragg, NC (Home of the Airborne and Special Forces) in Southern Pines, NC. We continually strive to hone our skills and meet or exceed our customers' expectations by providing a finely crafted knife.


2008 - Mark Carey and Curtis Iovito occupy a Pre-Civil War Mule barn and form Spartan Blades, LLC in Aberdeen, NC.

2010 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for Knife Collaboration of the Year along with William W. Harsey Jr. for the Spartan-Harsey Model I.

2014 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for Knife Collaboration of the Year along with Les George for the V-14 Dagger.

2014 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Sow award for Most Innovate American Design.

2016 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for American Made Knife of the Year for the Spartan-Harsey Folder (SHF).

2017 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for American Made Knife of the Year for the Kranos folder.

2019 - Spartan Blades merges with KA-BAR Knives to form Pineland Cutlery, Inc and continues to do business as Spartan Blades.

2021 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for Imported Knife of the Year for the Astor folder.

2023 - Spartan Blades wins International BLADE Show award for Manufacturing Quality for our full line of knives.

Spartan Blades has something for everybody!

Since our inception, Spartan Blades has been utilizing the very best processes and materials. With that said, our knives were often priced outside the budget of many of our customers. In response to the numerous requests for a broader base of products and price points, we have expanded our line to include three very distinct grades. 


Gold (Elite Grade) Are knives you have come to associate with Spartan Blades from the beginning! Made in the United States, using the finest U. S. made stainless steel, double deep cryogenically treated, and premium PVD coatings. This line also contains custom, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind knives made in our North Carolina shop. 

Silver (Pro Grade) Pro Grade knives are manufactured in the United States by our partners at KA-BAR knives of Olean, NY. The purpose of these blades is to provide a quality knife to soldiers and outdoorsman at a more affordable price point.

Bronze (Field Grade) These knives are made with international partners. They are made to fulfill the numerous requests we have received from you; our valued customers, to provide “knifes that I can afford and that are competitive in price”. We always and only use friendly nation manufacturers.


The Truths of Spartan Blades

Founded on 2008 to make finely crafted outdoor knives, Spartan Blades is rooted in our founder’s; Mark Carey and Curtis Iovito, 40+ years of military experience and is guided by the Special Operations Truths.


Who We Support

At its core, Spartan Blades is a give-back organization, forever striving to be our brother’s keeper, and encouraging others to do the same. We support a multitude of organizations and initiatives that help veterans and others. (See who we support)