Large Tek-Lok with Hardware

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Blade-Tech’s newly remodeled Tek-Lok™; a secure, innovative and versatile latching attachment system. The engineers and product developers at Blade-Tech took the original Tek-Lok™ and reworked its functional ability to add more utility and ease of use. The Tek-Lok™ has also been contoured to better fit the profile of the body and to eliminate hot spots. The new Tek-Lok™ is held in place by two robust retaining tabs. A user friendly, integrated secondary locking system was also built into the newly redesigned Tek-Lok™. With the simple motion of a thumb or finger, the redundant lock rotates out of the way to allow the user to pinch the retaining tabs and conveniently remove the Tek-Lok from the belt. It is readily adjustable to accommodate belts from 2.25” down to 1.25”. Hardware included in this set are as follows; (2) 3/16” posts, (2) ¼” screws and (2) 1/8” spacers. Fits all Spartan Blades Kydex sheaths, providing another option for attachment.

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