Spartan Beans Three (3) Pack

Coffee beans # Pack
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Buy a three pack of Spartan Beans and safe a bit on shipping!

Step Back a few years and you would have found Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey traveling the world teaching counter terrorism, planning sniper missions, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. Whether it was a cup of Java in Java or a cup of joe with Joe, it's the memories of travel, adventure, and the pursuit of the perfect cup that we hope you share with your mates. Life is short, call a good buddy and have a good cup of Joe!

  • 36 OZ

  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • A blend of beans from the four corners of the world, beans from Sumatra, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Africa!

  • City Roast -a medium degree roast of coffee beans. ... This roast presents the full flavor present in the beans without having its characteristics masked by the roast. A city roast will tend to highlight bright, acidic notes.

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