Spartan Beans Dark Roast Coffee, Three (3) Pack

Coffee Dark Roast, 3 Pack
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Embark on a coffee journey like never before with our Spartan Beans three-pack! Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, seasoned globetrotters with a background in counter-terrorism and sniper missions, have curated a coffee blend that encapsulates their adventures. Each 12 OZ pack of Spartan Beans is crafted from 100% Arabica Coffee, a unique blend sourced from the corners of the world—Sumatra, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Africa.

The Dark Roast profile presents a high-degree roast, delivering bold, rich, and full-bodied flavor notes that awaken your senses. It's more than just coffee; it's a premium experience that beckons you to share tales of travel, adventure, and the pursuit of the perfect cup with your mates.

Reduce shipping charges and elevate your coffee ritual with the Spartan Beans three-pack. Whether reminiscing about Java in Java or enjoying a cup of joe with Joe, let each sip be a celebration of life's short moments and the camaraderie of sharing a good cup of Joe with friends.


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