Spartan-Harsey Folder 3.25 "Storm Watch" Pocket Clip / Filler Tab Replacement Set

3.25 Storm Watch Clip / Tab
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Elevate the customized and distinctive appearance of your Spartan Blades folder with our exclusive Storm Watch Anodized Titanium Pocket Clip and Filler Tabs. Crafted right here in the Spartan Blades shop, each of these custom-made parts undergoes a unique Storm Watch anodization process, ensuring that no two are alike. The result is a pocket clip that not only adds a striking aesthetic but also provides a personalized touch to your knife.

Key Features:

  • Storm Watch Anodized Finish: The custom Storm Watch anodized finish on each pocket clip and filler tab creates a unique and visually striking appearance. Embrace the individuality of your gear with these one-of-a-kind designs.

  • Spartan Blades Craftsmanship: Manufactured in-house at the Spartan Blades shop, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Our commitment to craftsmanship is reflected in every piece.

  • Titanium Construction: The pocket clip is crafted from high-quality 6AL4V titanium, offering durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight feel. A perfect replacement for the standard arrow clip on the Spartan-Harsey and Pallas folders, specifically designed for the SHF 3.25 knife model.

Please note that this pocket clip is designed exclusively for the SHF 3.25 knife model and will not fit the larger SHF variant. Due to the unique nature of the Storm Watch anodization process, both color and design will vary among individual clips, adding an extra layer of coolness to each piece.

Transform your Spartan Blades folder into a personalized work of art with our Storm Watch Anodized Titanium Pocket Clip and Filler Tabs—where craftsmanship meets individuality.



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