Spartan-Harsey Folder 3.25 "Storm Watch" Pocket Clip / Filler Tab Replacement Set

3.25 Storm Watch Clip / Tab
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Looking to add a custom and striking look to your Spartan Blades folder? This just might be the ticket! These pocket clips and filler tabs are custom made right here in the Spartan Blades shop. Every single one of these lightning anodized parts is unique and different! (NO TWO ARE THE SAME) so color and design will vary but hey, that's what's too cool about them.

This titanium pocket clip is a replacement for the standard arrow clip that comes on the Spartan-Harsey and Pallas folders. THIS ITEM WILL ONLY FIT THE SHF 3.25 KNIFE MODEL.

Show your love of country and belief in the inalienable rights provided to us as Americans be our constitution! THIS POCKET CLIP WILL NOT FIT THE LARGE SHF 



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