The Spartan Blades “Grafi” Titanium pen - (Titanium Damascus)

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The Spartan Blades “Grafi” Titanium pen - (Titanium Damascus)

The Spartan Blades “Grafi” titanium pen, ancient Greek for writings that express some meaning. This meticulously well-crafted titanium pen is produced in the USA via the use of precision Swiss milling. This particular model is embellished with titanium damascus parts as an upgrade! Additionally, each body has our "Storm Watch" finish individually applied in our shop so that each pen has its own individual look! This 5.25-inch pen is light weight and well balanced yet substantial enough to know you are holding a quality writing instrument. The working end of this Titanium Pen has been carefully sculpted on both the body and nib to enhance the writing experience. Custom springs ensure a smooth bolt action that is not too stiff. Finally, we use a Schmidt Technology easy FLOW 9000 M pressurized cartridge for writing in most any situation.

   spartan-blades-made-in-america.png spartan-blades-elite-grade.png spartan-blade-titanium.png

-Made in the U.S.A.

-Flamed Titanium Damascus Clip, Nib, Cap and Bolt

-Sculpted body and nib for writing comfort

-Well balanced

-Minimum pen tip movement when writing

-Bead blasted finish resists scratching

-6AL4V Titanium construction

-Schmidt Technology easy FLOW 9000 M cartridge


Material:                        6AL4V Titanium and Titanium Damascus

Body:                              Custom "Storm Watch" finish

Overall Length:            133.35 mm or 5.25”

Body diameter:           10.9 mm or 0.43”

Body scallops:             10 mm or 0.3937”

Nib diameter:              9.47 mm or 0.372”

Weight:                         1.2 OZ or 34 Grams

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