Spartan Blades Pocket Clip Helmet (Bronze Ano)

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Enhance your Spartan-Harsey and Pallas folders with our Titanium Pocket Clip – a purposeful replacement for the standard arrow clip. Designed exclusively for the Pallas and Large SHF models, this titanium pocket clip adds a touch of Spartan spirit to your everyday carry.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Replacement: Tailored as a direct replacement for the standard arrow clip, this titanium pocket clip ensures a seamless fit on your Spartan-Harsey and Pallas folders. Elevate the aesthetics of your knife with this precision-engineered accessory.

  2. Exclusivity: Crafted specifically for the Pallas and Large SHF models, this pocket clip is designed to fit these knives perfectly. PLEASE NOTE: that this clip will not fit the SHF 3.25

  3. Deep Engraved Spartan Helmet: Showcase your inner Spartan with a deep-engraved Spartan helmet on this titanium pocket clip. Make a bold statement and carry a symbol of strength and resilience wherever you go.

Compatibility Note: Confirm compatibility with your knife model before purchase. This pocket clip is exclusively designed for the Pallas and Large SHF, emphasizing the importance of precise engineering.

Upgrade your folding knife with the Titanium Pocket Clip featuring the iconic Spartan helmet engraving – a symbol of courage and strength. Make a statement with this custom accessory designed to fit the Pallas and Large SHF models seamlessly.


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