Spartan Blades Pocket Clip Titanium Molon Labe (Bronze Ano)

SFFC Molon Labe BRZ
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Display your defiance with this Spartan Blades Titanium Pocket Clip embellished with MOLON LABE! 

Moon labe Greekμολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé), meaning "come and take them", is a classical expression of defiance. According to Plutarch, Xerxes, king of Persia, demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons and King Leonidas I responded with this phrase.

This clip is a replacement for the standard pocket clip that comes on the Spartan-Harsey and Pallas folders. THIS ITEM WILL ONLY FIT THE PALLAS AND LARGE SHF. THIS POCKET CLIP WILL NOT FIT THE SHF 3.25


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