Posted by By Dexter Ewing on May 27th 2020

Spartan Blades’ co-founder/co-owner Curtis Iovito handles quite a few tasks in helping to run Spartan Blades (Go to https://spartanbladesusa.com/about-us-2/ to read an official bio that has in-depth info of his military service history and training). His official title is President, Product Development and Marketing. In this role, Iovito has both hands in the actual products that Spartan makes. With product development, he says that “this has to do with identifying a gap in our line and developing a knife from concept to product”. There are many things to consider within this, involving the role that the knife fills in the product line as well as in use. “It is much more of a process than most people realize,” Iovito says. Also to ensure the product is unique not only to the Spartan line but that it stands out as well amongst the other competitor brand knives. Will the knife harm the sales of an existing knife model? Will it fit a current sheath used already in the product line? What box will it be packaged in? These are some of the many questions that he has to answer when developing new models. 

Iovito also designs knives in the Spartan line as well as working with knifemaker/designers on bringing their own designs into the line. “I have designed several of the knives in our line and continue to do so,” he says. “It seems I am always drawing something”. He also works with the CAD person to translate a 2D drawing of the knife into a 3D Solidworks model. “It's a lot harder than it sounds,” he interjects. By this he means that there are physical aspects that need to be taken into consideration such as but not limited to break-outs, chamfers, and assembly hardware. “Even the edge geometry has to be right in relation to the panel height so that it can be sharpened.” 

The last task Iovito handles is all aspects of marketing. “I handle all the artwork and much of the photography for all our ads and social media”. Practically, a one-man marketing department encompassing print and digital media content. Iovito also works closely with all editors of print and digital media as well as podcasts. As a by-product of filling this role, Iovito has had to learn most of the Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator - as opposed to hiring someone outside of the company to do this type of work. Pretty much, all of Spartan’s marketing efforts are performed in-house.

Iovito and his wife Dory reside in Aberdeen, NC and have three children. Starting with Curtis, 33; the oldest, is also a veteran like his father and resides in Texas. As an aside, the younger Curtis owns and operates Classy Raptor Tactical, manufacturing custom Glock back plates along with his wife Jennifer, who is also a veteran as well. Their middle son is Justin, 29; and the youngest is Adam, 11; whom Iovito says has Down Syndrome and “is in charge of hugs and kisses!” While Spartan Blades already consumes a good chunk of Iovito’s time, attention, and efforts, he says he still enjoys time away from work by barbecuing at home as well as caring for their 8 acre property. “I have always been fascinated with drones and have a Mavic Pro that I like to fly,” muses Iovito. “I just wish I could mount some firearms to it!”

What does Iovito like best about working in the knife industry? “It has to be the people,” he states. “We are great friends with those who many might think are our competitors.” He specifically cites the crews from Kabar, Chris Reeve Knives, Hinderer Knives, and Medford Knife & Tool are those he holds near and dear. “I think it is our common understanding of each other’s situations that adds to these close friendships and creates a common bond.” At the end of the day, Iovito and his cohort Mark Carey as well as the Spartan Blade employees make some of the best tactical knives on the market, drawing upon the expertise and knowledge of both Iovito’s and Carey’s military service and training. This, and carefully aligning the company with noted knife designers. When you talk with Iovito, it's apparent that he has a passion for what he does and is blessed to be able to turn passion into a career.