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Top 7 Knife Blade Shapes and Styles

Oct 9th 2018

Knife Blade Shapes and Styles: Our Definitive Guide At Spartan Blades, we pride ourselves on producing the finest in  custom knives. Our blades are precision crafted, finely honed, and mea … read more

Fiber Laser Knife Engraving

Sep 27th 2018

Fiber Laser Knife Engraving: How Does It Work? Here at Spartan Blades, we’re proud to offer our customers the best in custom, handcrafted fixed blade and folding knives. Whether you’re looking … read more

Knife Show Etiquette: Our Top 5 Tips

Sep 17th 2018

Knife Show Etiquette: 5 Top Tips For a knife enthusiast, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a knife show. You get the opportunity to meet hundreds of master craftsmen, see thousands of expertly co … read more

Les George, Master Knifemaker

Aug 30th 2018

Master Knifemaker Collaborations: Les George We here at Spartan Blades take our work seriously. Our goal is to produce the highest quality handcrafted knives possible, and to give our customers the … read more

William “Bill” Harsey Jr., Master Knifemaker

Aug 20th 2018

Master Knifemaker Collaborations: William “Bill” Harsey Jr. Here at Spartan Blades, one of our greatest joys is having the opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest living legends of … read more