Posted by By Dexter Ewing on Sep 22nd 2020

If you regularly carry a firearm for concealed carry, you know there are some scenarios where you might not be permitted to carry your trusty sidearm on you, or you wish to travel lightly without a firearm yes still have a tool along for the ride to carry for utility work as well as self defense if needed as such. Enter Spartan Blades with the solution. They already have the Enyo neck knife, which is a compact fixed blade with a blade length of a little over 2 inches long that is a great EDC companion as its small blade is perfect for those mundane cutting tasks as well as some utility tasks as well. The skeletonized handle makes the knife completely a flat profile which carries easily and the handle shape and superb ergonomics make it comfortable in the handle, perhaps the most comfortable skeletonized fixed blade currently on the market. Those of you wishing for a skeletonized handle fixed blade with more blade length to it, Spartan Blades proudly offers the Formido.

Formido fixed blade knife

"This blade style excels at self defense"

In keeping with the Enyo concept, the Formido’s skeletonized handle keeps the width to a bare minimum. There are a series of triangular shaped holes cut into the handle not only to subtract some weight but also to aid in a non-slip grip. A finger recess near the tang assists in indexing our grip and securing it on the handle, along with a notched thumb ramp to bear down with pressure. The blade length being close to 4 inches, offers a more substantial length over the Enyo for larger cutting jobs. The blade shape is a tanto, with a straight back. This blade style excels at self defense where penetrating layers of clothing is a must. The secondary edge of the tanto tip slices as it simultaneously pierces. Still, the blade is very adaptable to utility tasks where cutting of various materials like twine, plastic, wire stripping, cutting cardboard, and other items like those. The length of the blade facilitates this as well. The rounded belly of the blade isn’t like a typical tanto blade that we all are familiar with where it has an abrupt angular transition from the primary edge to the secondary edge. The Formido’s transition is more round and this also makes resharpening a bit easier as well. When you look at the overall knife, what does it remind you of? Its looks have sort of an Asian flavor to it, with the tanto blade and the rectangular-ish handle and the way the butt of the handle angles a bit.

Even though this is a skeletonized knife, it is a bit too long to carry as a neck knife, so each Formido comes with a Kydex lined ballistic nylon sheath that is MOLLE compatible. Even the sheath is very well constructed with double row stitching and a button snap retention strap. The sheaths come in FDE or black, to match the PVD coating of the Formido, which is available in both colors. The flatness of the knife allows it to disappear while on the belt, and doesn’t get in the way of clothing or carrying other gear. If you also wear layers in the winter, the Formido nestles under a hoodie or thick jacket nicely. This is one of those knives that simply disappears until it is needed. This is a knife that you will carry with you everywhere once you get used to it.

formed fixed blade knife spartan blades

The Formido carries very well, it has minimal bulk and minimum width and weight to it.

The Formido carries very well, it has minimal bulk and minimum width and weight to it. It’s always at your side, seemingly forgotten about until it is needed. Don’t let its appearance fool you, the Formido is a formidable cutting tool as it can pierce and slice with abundant power. There’s not too many larger sized skeletonized handle fixed blades on the market so the Formido is sort of in a class of its own. Because of the minimal form factor of the knife, also think about alternative carry for it. For instance, in the glove compartment of your vehicle, or carried upright in between the driver’s seat and the center console, inside the narrow crack that seems to have a tendency to collect trash, loose change, a French fry or two from your recent road trip. Yeah, that place! You cannot stuff a regular fixed blade with handle scales in there and stow it discreetly, for the handle will always be sticking out. Spartan Blades designed this knife to have minimal impact on daily carry but maximum cutting power when needed. Everyone’s equipment requirements are different and the Formido may not be for you, but if you have these specific requirements then you might need to look into adding the Formido into your daily carry rotation.