Posted by By Dexter Ewing on Oct 9th 2020

The Spartan Blades Pallas is one of the few button lock flipper folder on the market today. Sure, there are a lot of flipper folders around, they mainly are of the linerlock or framelock varieties. But only a small hand full of companies actually make a flipper opening button lock folder. These button locks are like the automatic opening folders that use . Like I said, there is only a small hand full of production companies that make a fully manual, button lock flipper folder. Spartan Blades is a member of this elite club, with their Pallas folder.

a tapered plunge lock system to release the blade from the closed position as well as serving as the blade’s locking mechanism in the fully open position

In a fully manual opening folder, a button lock mechanism is inherently safer than a linerlock or framelock, simply because when you unlock the blade, with a button lock you are not required to place any fingers in the path of the closing blade. A lot of novices to modern one-hand opening/closing manual folders (and some seasoned folks too - hey, accidents do happen even to the best of us) receive accidental cuts upn closing because they are still getting used to removing fingers before fully closing the blade. Additionally, to boost the blade’s action, bearing in the pivot also may be used to allow the blade to rotate with such silky smoothness and precision. This silky action helps the flipper action upon opening to be fully effective at propelling the blade to the fully open and locked position with minimal finger movement.

The Spartan Blades Pallas blends premium materials with precise engineering into a rather sporty folder design that results in a great daily carry folder, though its on the larger scale of things. Yet, due to how flat the Pallas handle design is, it carries very comfortably in the pocket. The modified clip point blade comes in a choice of stonewash finish or a black PVD coated finish. On the blade spine you will notice an additional thumb rest integrated into the profile of the blade, this places the thumb forward of the blade’s pivot and allow you to choke up onto the handle to provide exceptional control during tough cuts. CPM S35VN is the chosen blade steel, and it’s been proven time and again to be the steel to have when the ultimate edge holding power is required. The flipper of the blade is long enough to help deploy the blade, but not too long to get in the way. In the fully open position, the flipper pulls double duty as a finger guard. For those who prefer to manually open the blade via thumbstuds, the Palla also comes outfitted with ambidextrous thumbstuds. So, there are two opening methods available with this knife. The blade rides on ball bearings in the pivot for ultra smooth blade action. In conjunction with the flipper, the bearings cause the blade to rotate effortlessly out of and back into the handle. To close the blade, all you need to do is firmly hold the knife in your hand and depress the lock button and tilt the handle down just a little (I stress a little) and the blade will practically fall closed under its own weight. Fantastic!

In the handle department, T6-6061 aluminum is used for it’s perfect combination of strength, light weight, and cost. The handle incorporates several features that all work in harmony to create a perfect grip. The chamfered radius of the handle makes it feel comfortable in your hand. The finger recess allows you to index your grip and there is also a slight integral forward guard formed by the finger recess as well. The series of machined-in grooves on the body of the handle assist in getting a non-slip grip, and the rear of the handle sport a series of traction notches milled into the radius, these help especially when holding the Pallas in the reverse grip configuration. When the blade is closed, there are two scalloped areas cut out from the handle to assist in a good purchase on the thumbstuds to quickly flick the blade open. There is a heavy duty titanium pocket clip affixed to the handle to carry the Pallas set up in the right hand, tip up configuration. In the pocket, the Pallas has a bit of the handle sticking up above the pocket, around 1 inch protrudes so you can get a good grip on the handle to withdraw the knife. The handle is finished with a Type III hard anodized coating in black, that is long lasting and scratch and scuff resistant under most normal circumstances. Unfortunately, there are no plans to produce the Pallas with colored handles.

has plenty of muscle to flex for any cutting job, big or small

In action, the Pallas is very quick to deploy and close again. Due to the handle ergonomics, you feel in control of this knife at all times and able to maintain a secure grip in any weather condition. Tactical folders are like the four wheel drive truck of knives. These folders are versatile and can go anywhere and certainly has the horsepower to complete any cutting task. The Pallas is no different. It has plenty of muscle to flex for any cutting job, big or small. It won’t weigh you down either primarily due to the aluminum handle. A lot of tactical folders can be a bit problematic to use while wearing work gloves on, because you lose the tactile sensory aspect of being able to manipulate the knife and blade in your grip. The gloves make manipulation difficult at times. This is where the button lock flipper Pallas shines. Even while wearing work gloves, the blade can be flicked open via the flipper. To close, just press the button lock and tilt the knife handle a bit and the blade will fall closed. With a bit of practice it will become second nature type movements for you as if you were not wearing any gloves. If you are into high end tactical folders, the Pallas is a must have for your arsenal. Expertly designs and precision crafted in North Carolina, ready for action anywhere in the world.