Spartan Blades Pen Protector (Black)

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The Spartan "Pen Protector" keeps you and your Sharpie safe and ready for your next mission. Let's face it, we all love our markers, now you can take your Sharpie to the next level! The Pen Protector allows for self defense, a sure grip, and of course still making your mark on the world! When your Sharpie runs dry simply replace it with a new maker and discard the top using your Pen Protector over and over again

BLACK Color top and Marker

  • Designer: Ted Valerio, Knife Designer and Law Enforcement Officer with over two decades of service.
  • Fits in MOLLE
  • Makes your marker a self defense tool
  • Non-Lethal for Law Enforcement
  • Heavy duty injection molded clip
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Supplied with sharpie Marker


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