Spartan Blades Pen Protector (Red)

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Introducing the Spartan "Pen Protector" — Elevate Your Sharpie® Experience!

The Spartan "Pen Protector" is your trusty companion, ensuring your Sharpie® is safe and ready for any mission that comes your way. For those who cherish their markers, this tool takes your Sharpie® to the next level! Offering self-defense capabilities, a reliable grip, and the ability to leave your mark on the world, the Pen Protector is the ultimate enhancement for your Sharpie®.

When your Sharpie® runs dry, a simple replacement with a new marker is all it takes. Discard the top, and the Pen Protector is ready for use over and over again, ensuring longevity and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Red Color Top and Marker for those tough range days with lots of misses.
  • Designer: Ted Valerio, Knife Designer, and Law Enforcement Officer with over two decades of service.
  • Fits seamlessly in MOLLE, integrating effortlessly into your gear.
  • Transforms your marker into a self-defense tool for added safety.
  • Non-lethal option designed for Law Enforcement professionals.
  • Heavy-duty injection-molded clip ensures durability and reliability.
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Supplied with a Sharpie® Marker for immediate use.

Elevate your everyday carry with the Spartan "Pen Protector" — where innovation meets functionality. This tool not only protects your Sharpie® but also empowers you with added capabilities. Make your mark, stay prepared, and stay sharp!



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