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Spartan Blades’ Gold/Elite line represents the best the company has to offer. They are precision engineered, and expertly manufactured knives that make use of the best materials that promote longevity and user convenience. These are the upper echelon of production knives, designed in-house by Spartan Blades or by leading knife industry designers like Les George, Bill Harsey, and Tu Lam. These knives define what Spartan Blades is about and they are built to go the distance. Yes, to own any of these knives, you will have to pay . But what you get in return is the best materials coupled with the best designs. What all this equates to is a tool that is designed to go the distance and is heirloom quality and can be passed from generation to generation. These knives are manufactured in Spartan Blades’ Southern Pines, NC facility and shipped worldwide to discerning knife enthusiasts everywhere. If you purchase one of these knives, do not be afraid to use them and use them hard. This is what they are designed for! You can view all the Gold/Elite knives on the Spartan Blades’ website but here is a rundown at a very high level of what you can expect with this line.


Spartan Blades’ in-house designs are based on Spartan co-owner/co-founder Curtis Iovito’s experience in service as a Green Beret. These designs are the core workhorses of the Spartan Blades line. These consist of the self-defense oriented Formido and Phrike, dual role combat and utility knives with the Horkos, Ares, and Hybris, and the everyday carry oriented Enyo neck knife. All these blades are built with CPM S35VN stainless steel and where applicable - handle scales of checkered micarta for superior grip quality. There are also a couple folders as well for those of you who prefer these. The Pallas button lock flipper is a first on two levels for Spartan Blades. It’s their first button lock folder as well as their first flipper opening folder. Blades are stone washed or black CPM-S35VN stainless steel. Handles are machined aluminum. And we have the Zelos, the company’s first automatic opening folder. The Zelos also features an ultra lightweight carbon fiber pocket clip as well, something that a lot of other folders do not have. Handle colors for the Zelos are blue or black, and blades are black DLC coated only. All sheaths for fixed blades are Kydex or ballistic nylon.

Spartan-Harsey Dagger

The Spartan-Harsey Dagger


Like many other production knife companies, Spartan also works with custom designers to bring their design visionary to life. Bill Harsey is a name that you probably recognize as he’s designed knives for Chris Reeve Knives, Gerber, CRKT Ruger, Fantoni SRL, and now, Spartan Blades. Harsey is a custom maker specializing in tactical and outdoor fixed blades and folders, and Spartan is producing a good variety of his designs already. For fixed blades, there is the midsize Tactical Trout, and then there’s the full combat/utility knife called the Difensa. The Difensa is a bold and beefy design that can withstand rigorous use in the field and is very comfortable thanks to Harsey’s knowledge of handle ergonomics. For dagger fans, look at the Spartan Harsey Dagger with its sexy symmetrical form factor with an ergonomic handle. And for folding knife fans there’s the Spartan Harsey Folder aka SHF, which is Spartan’s most popular seller for folders. The SHF is a beefy framelock folder for rugged use. The SHF comes in either all black DLC coated, or all stonewashed versions. Custom knifemaker Les George designed the Spartan George V-14 dagger, which is very reminiscent of the older combat daggers. Its hollow ground blade and near full length fuller give the knife its attitude. Ronin Tactics’ CEO, Tu Lam, is also a former Green Beret and was in-service alongside Mark Carey and Curtis Iovito. It was then the three gentlemen struck up a friendship that is still strong to this day, so it was only natural that Lam was asked to contribute a design. The Ronin Shinto fixed blade is a result of that and it parlays Lam’s experience deployed to third world countries. He designed this as a tool for survival and a backup weapon if needed. All the fixed blades are available with a black DLC coating or FDE coating on the blades, and some vary with handle material colors as well. Like the in-house designs, the blade steel is CPM-S35VN and the handle material is micarta. All sheaths for fixed blades are Kydex or ballistic nylon.


     William W. Harsey Jr.                                Les George                                 Tu Lam

When you are searching for the best in tactical or outdoor bladeware, the Elite/Gold Line from Spartan Blades represents the best of the best. The best designs made with the best materials, and backed by the best crew in the industry. All Elite/Gold Line knives are proudly and meticulously manufactured in NC, USA. All the designs are based upon real-world experience working in the military or with other government agencies. When you want the best, look no further than the Spartan Blades Gold/Elite Line.